Traditional thai massage

The word massage does not mean the same thing as it is understood in the typical western usage. In the west massage means a rub down and refers to techniques derived from Swedish Massage and regular Massage Therapy. Thai Massage Phaen Boran Ráksãa Thaang Nûat is completely different! It is a healing art of the Theraveda Buddhism and Buddhist medicine.

The Thai system focuses on circulation of vital energy in major pathways called Sen. The major energy lines are manipulated, and important pressure points along these pathways are stimulated to help break down blockages, stimulate energy flow and restore balance and harmony.

Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions, and the recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the thai masseur and client, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. The thai masseur uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create a dance of movement on the body of the recipient. In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well.

Through assisted yoga, the body is stretched in ways that are difficult to attain through individual exercise and yoga practice. The result of a full-body Thai treatment is often an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience, bringing both the recipient and the practitioner to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being.

Thai Massage is done on a mat or a table. This allows the masseuse to get the necessary body leverage needed for the stretches and Yoga-like positions used in Thai Massage.

 Aromatherapy oil massage

Thai-style deep massage with yoga stretching is combined with sophisticated western-style Swedish massage.

Aroma Oil Massage is in difference to Classical Thai Massage more relaxing and less invasive. Masseuses do not practice the pressure method, they focus more on unblocking the muscle hypotonia, relaxation of the soul is obvious by all massages. This type of massage is provided using original Thai oils in combination with aroma therapy. Your body and skin relax and relieve of stress with the help of natural products. A regular thai oil massage tranquillizes the nervous system, relieves muscles tension, stimulates blood circulation, reduces edemas and supports regular function of intestines.

Thai Foot massage

Thai foot massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet  opening SEN (energy) lines. During thai foot massage masseur stimulates the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai foot massage stimulates these points to promote general health and well being.

Thai foot massage Improves circulation and toxin removal, stimulates lymphatic drainage and immune system. Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility. Accelerates physical healing.

Thai head neck- and shoulder massage

Thai head neck- and shoulder massage is a beautifully relaxing massage that targets all the places you hold the most tension the head neck and shoulders. Gentle and relaxing you will be whisked away to a relaxing inner landscape return at the end feeling light, relaxed and energised. A truly tranquil experience for those who need a break from busy life.